BEST of U -side NIGHT-
BEST of U -side NIGHT-
【初回限定盤】 [CD+DVD] TYCT-69131 3,700円(税抜)+税
【通常盤】[CD] TYCT-60122 2,700円(税抜)+税

1.Braver from 3rd digital single「Braver」(2018.7.12 release)
2.The World Record from 17th single「冬の太陽 / The World Record」(2014.9.17 release)
3.SAD AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD from 2nd album「TITLE」(2005.1.26 release)
4.Melodic Storm from 5th single「Melodic Storm」(2006.1.18 release)
5.Sunny Suicide from 6th album「CREATURES」(2010.3.3 release)
6.シーグラス from 21st single「シーグラス」(2016.4.20 release)
7.TENDER from 2nd single「TENDER」(2004.2.18 release)
8.KILLER TUNE from 3rd single「KILLER TUNE / PLAY THE STAR GUITAR」(2004.12.1release)
9.Man-like Creatures from 12th single「Man-like Creatures」(2010.1.13release)
10.シンデレラソング from 3rd mini album「Resplendent」(2013.9.11 release)
11.Lightning from 10th single「Lightning」(2009.1.14 release)
12.AGAINST THE WALL from 2nd album「TITLE」(2005.1.26 release)
13.冬の太陽 from 17th single「冬の太陽 / The World Record」(2014.9.17 release)
14.ネクサス from 5th album「NEXUS」(2009.2.11 release)
15.ROCKSTEADY from 1st mini album「ROCK END ROLL」(2004.6.23 release)