BEST of U –side DAY-
BEST of U –side DAY-
【初回限定盤】[CD+DVD] TYCT-69130 3,700円(税抜)+税
【通常盤】[CD] TYCT-60121 2,700円(税抜)+税

1.DAY TO DAY from 20th single「DAY TO DAY」(2015.11.11 release)
2.DISCOGRAPHY from 4th single「THE REMAINS」(2005.6.15 release)
3.PLAY THE STAR GUITAR from 3rd single「KILLER TUNE / PLAY THE STAR GUITAR」(2004.12.1release)
4.From Noon Till Dawn (feat.Tabu Zombie&Kunikazu Tanaka) from 15th single「From Noon Till Dawn」(2012.10.17 release)
5.Ark from 5th album「NEXUS」(2009.2.11 release)
6.Toneless Twilight from 12th single「Man-like Creatures」(2010.1.13 release)
7.泳ぐ鳥 from 2nd album「TITLE」(2005.1.26 release)
8.TRAIN from 8th single「TRAIN」(2007.2.14 release)
9.シンクロ from acoustic album「SOFT」(2012.6.13 release)
10.SIX DAY WONDER from 7th single「SIX DAY WONDER」(2007.1.10 release)
11.WHITE ROOM BLACK STAR from 4th single「THE REMAINS」(2005.6.15 release)
12.羊の群れは丘を登る from 14th single「YOU and I / 羊の群れは丘を登る」(2011.7.13 release)
13.REMINDER from 1st mini album「ROCK END ROLL」(2004.6.23 release)
14.Farewell Dear Deadman from 3rd album「Dear Deadman」(2006.3.8 release)
15.彩雲 from 8th album「Behind The Scene」(2014.10.22 release)